30 Days Of April - Guided Home Training Program

30 Days Of April - Guided Home Training Program


30 Days Of April

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  • Whats Included?

    Video Chat Guided Home Workout Training Program

    No Gym? No Problem.

    Join up* to our 30 Days of April program to take advantage of:

     - 5X 15-20minute Video Chat sessions 

    - FREE Consultation to understand your goals

    - New Content and Learning material for you every 5 days


    The content over the course of the month will include:

     - Test and Technique Week ( Your current fitness levels and technique knowledge)

     - Movement Foundations Week (Mobility exercises for you to work through)

     - Goal Specific Training Week (Sessions specific to your goal)

     - Developmet and Progression Week (Advanced exercises to build up to)

     - Evaluation and Future Programming (How you can move forward on your own)


    Make the most of your time at home. Look to better yourself, improve your health and learn how to keep yourself fit and healthy during these challenging times.


    Booking only available between 1st and 5th of April


    Spaces are limited!


    Don't miss out! Book now!



    *by purchasing this product you confirm that you are at a suitable level of health to engage in physical exercise and acknowledge that, whilst every consideration wil be taken by your trainer, you take full responsibility for your own safety when taking part in any physical activity/material given to you by your trainer.

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