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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Albert Einstein” So…

For this you will receive a bespoke nutrition plan tailored to your goals, body, activity levels and food preferences with subsequent modification available if necessary. You will need to provide a 3 day food diary, any foods you particularly like/dislike and your aims from the plan.

Diet Plan

Want a small group session with friends and/or others with a similar goal? With small group training (2-5 members per group) you still get many of the benefits of Personal Training at a reduced cost per person!

Group Training

This will give you the highest possible chance of success. Your trainer will guide you through sessions, exercises, different techniques, tempos, timing, duration, rep schemes, intervals and whatever else is required to give you a highly individualised training experience to deliver the results you want.

One on One

A team of highly experienced and qualified trainers dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in the world of health and fitness. With experience and knowledge far above and beyond your typical Personal Trainer, we pride ourselves on achieving fast, sustainable results, finding the best diet and training programs for you and your goals.

Nutrition and Fitness


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Ali M. Rad



Chris. Bell

BA. Msc.


Ali Mosayyebi

BSc., MSc.


Tom Hatchett



Ali Has been working in the sports environment for more than 15 years as a coach and athlete at national and international levels. He has a strong passion for sports and has recently finished his Master Degree in Athletic development. Also an experienced Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) who apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance.

Ali has built up his experience as a personal trainer and an Athletic strength coach, working in different countries with many clients from various backgrounds, his strengths and success have been with clients losing weight and gaining strength and power at any age. Ali gives all his time to helping the client reach their goals supporting them in and outside the gym.

Ali is a competent qualified trainer in delivering personal training to his clients who have different fitness levels. He has an active interest in all sports and specific knowledge of martial arts conditioning. Ali is the fitness trainer of Southampton Student Wrestling Club (SSW).

He is currently doing his PhD research in the field of bioegneering, at the University of Southampton MiNaTher research team under Bioengineering Research Science Group. He is the associate member of the institute of mechanical engineers (AMIMechE), associate member of institute of life sciences (IFLS) and the affiliate member of the Royal Society of Biology (RBS). He believes there is no reason for anyone not to achieve their fitness goals regardless of their daily life complication; and he has an incomparable passion and enthusiasm in helping his clients keep their commitment and motivation to their training programs in order to achieve success and manage their whole life accordingly.

Tom has experience in training clients whose needs have ranged from general weight loss to preparing for elite events. He has specialist knowledge in using kettle bells for fat loss and strength gains with an emphasis on improving human movement.

Always striving to advance his professional knowledge, Tom likes to keep himself up to date with current studies and employs a more simple approach to training with the focus on the development of the individual.

Chris has a proven track record, working with hundreds of clients to achieve success in weight loss, muscle gain, strength and health. He combines his practical experience and passion for exercise and health with his knowledge and academic experience including a BSc in Sports Studies and an MSc in Human Nutrition.

Chris takes huge pleasure from his work and is as happy training experienced gym goers looking for that extra edge as he is with those completely new to the gym. It is all about achieving results and enjoying yourself, and Chris takes a very client centred approach getting to know customers and working in a way that is best suited to them.

Alex Peck

07792 315454

Alex is a motivational and knowledgeable trainer.
With a background in group fitness and extensive knowledge from her experience as a Pilates teacher, she combines elements from her many areas of expertise - HIIT training, Barre (a body shape changing fusion of Ballet, Pilates and Strength Training),Pilates and Conditioning, to keep clients motivated, challenged and seeing results.

Specialising in fat loss and core strength training, Alex provides great support to her clients with her realistic and understanding approach.

Alex has a huge passion for fitness and regularly attends courses and seminars for self development and loves to pass on her knowledge to clients. She believes that with a little guidance and support
that exercise and healthy living can be enjoyed and all fitness goals are achievable.


Jo is a Level 4 Advanced trainer who specialises in the field of exercise referral for mental health. With a keen interest in Life Coaching Jo takes a more holistic approach to training and believes that there is far more to a healthy lifestyle than just the hour spent with a trainer in the gym each week.

 As a qualified Pilates Instructor who trained as a dancer for ten years Jo has a particular interest in postural analysis and training for functional mobility and believes that we all have the ability become the very best version of ourselves. Having competed at a National level in women’s Fitness & Figure, run several 100km Ultra Marathons and completed SAS selection endurance events Jo is well versed with developing the mental strength needed to attain the very highest goals. With an ever present enthusiasm and unlimited positivity Jo will help you build your strength from the inside out!!


Jo Harvey

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